[Buildbot-devel] [feature request] Support for baseurl on Waterfall

Otavio Salvador otavio at debian.org
Sat Jun 18 16:10:43 UTC 2005

>>>>> "brian" == Brian Warner <warner-buildbot at lothar.com> writes:

    >> Yes and I seted it. But it doesnt work.
    >> Look at: http://projects.ossystems.com.br/builds/python-cdd

    brian> Ah, I think it's one of those trailing-slash-or-not
    brian> problems. The Twisted buildbot lives at
    brian> 'http://twistedmatrix.com/buildbot/' (note the slash),
    brian> while yours lives at a trailing-slash-less URL. This is one
    brian> of those issues in web site development that's always
    brian> thrown me.

    brian> I think that for a relative URL like "changes" (or even
    brian> "./changes"), the base URL *must* end with a slash. Does
    brian> anyone know a relative URL that could get from Otavio's
    brian> page to ".../python-cdd/changes"? We can change it use
    brian> absolute URLs for everything, but my instinct is to try to
    brian> stick to relative ones. I'm happy to be told otherwise,
    brian> however.

    brian> Try setting up your proxy to map slash-terminal URLs and
    brian> see if that helps.  I'm not familiar with the apache proxy
    brian> config syntax, but you want 'http:.../python-cdd/' to map
    brian> to 'http://localhost:8010/'. There is code in the root page
    brian> (html.StatusResource) to handle non-terminal-slash pages by
    brian> redirecting you to the with-terminal-slash version, but I
    brian> don't know what that will do in the face of a URL-rewriting
    brian> proxy.

    I included it with / terminating the string and not. Both failed.

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