[Buildbot-devel] [feature request] Support for baseurl on Waterfall

Otavio Salvador otavio at debian.org
Sat Jun 18 02:35:20 UTC 2005

>>>>> "brian" == Brian Warner <warner-buildbot at lothar.com> writes:

    >> What I want is to allow all links inside of the status page to
    >> use the baseurl to request builds/project/... and then solve my
    >> problem.

    brian> Ah. The c['buildbotURL'] configuration key is intended to
    brian> provide this functionality. The sample.cfg file says:
    brian>   # the 'buildbotURL' string should point to the location
    brian> where the buildbot's # internal web server (usually the
    brian> html.Waterfall page) is visible. This # typically uses the
    brian> port number set in the Waterfall 'status' entry, but # with
    brian> an externally-visible host name which the buildbot cannot
    brian> figure out # without some help.
    brian>   c['buildbotURL'] = "http://localhost:8010/"

    Yes and I seted it. But it doesnt work.

    Look at: http://projects.ossystems.com.br/builds/python-cdd

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