[Buildbot-devel] [feature request] Support for baseurl on Waterfall

Otavio Salvador otavio at debian.org
Sat Jun 18 01:37:32 UTC 2005

Hello folks,

I started to use buildbot and found a missing feature but a need for
my personal needs.

I need to have the possibility to choose a baseurl for all Waterfall

Let me explain why I need it:

 I setuped buildbot and choose the port 8010 for one project. I want
 to use more projects building on that machine and then I'll use one
 port for each project. Then I use apache2 proxy support to pass the
 http://host/builds/project to 8010 but all links inside of the page
 call http://host/builds/ to request each information so I cannot host
 more then one project at same host.

 What I want is to allow all links inside of the status page to use
 the baseurl to request builds/project/... and then solve my problem.


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