[Buildbot-devel] setting tree stable timer for generic BuildFactory?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sat Jun 18 01:30:16 UTC 2005

> It appears that these builds start immediately after a commit.  The  
> checkoutDelay parameter is not really what I want for the CVS step  
> but I don't see how to set the build's treeStableTimer without  
> subclassing the generic BuildFactory.  Am I missing something somewhere?

There's a hook in BuildFactory to set the treeStableTimer on the Builds it's
creating. Just do:

f = factory.BuildFactory(steps)
f.treeStableTimer = 10*60 # ten minutes
builders.append( { ..., 'factory': f } )

(this is another reason the treeStableTimer is being moved to the Scheduler)

BTW, the default treeStableTimer is 10 seconds, so for anything other than a
"quick" Builder, you'll want set it to something larger.

> P.S.  BTW, turning the buildbot.texinfo docs into html doesn't really  
> work -- the index.html page is effectively blank.

Hm, I've never actually tried to convert it to HTML. What tool did you use?
I'll fix that and then stick a copy of the docs up on the web page.


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