[Buildbot-devel] setting tree stable timer for generic BuildFactory?

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 21:01:48 UTC 2005

[apologies if you get this twice, I didn't get the first one I sent  
an hour ago]

I've got a simple builder which is basically a CVS checkout + two  
"makes" so I just set up a simple builder like the examples in  
hello.cfg (0.6.6 release).

steps = [
             factory.s( step.CVS, cvsroot=repository,  
cvsmodule=cvsmodule, mode="update" ),
             factory.s( step.Compile, command="devenv /rebuild Debug  
App/Sources/Projects/MyApp.sln" ),
             factory.s( step.Compile, command="devenv /rebuild  
Release App/Sources/Projects/MyApp.sln" )
builders.append( { 'name' : "VS", 'slavename' : vsWinSlave,
                     'builddir' : "VS", 'factory' :  
factory.BuildFactory( steps ) } )

It appears that these builds start immediately after a commit.  The  
checkoutDelay parameter is not really what I want for the CVS step  
but I don't see how to set the build's treeStableTimer without  
subclassing the generic BuildFactory.  Am I missing something somewhere?


P.S.  BTW, turning the buildbot.texinfo docs into html doesn't really  
work -- the index.html page is effectively blank.  You can get to  
everything by going "back" from that page but that's obviously not  
what was intended...

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