[Buildbot-devel] cleanly taking slave offline?

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Sat Jul 30 12:47:21 UTC 2005


> I'm sure I just missed it but is there a way to cleanly take a slave  
> offline after it completes its current build?  I'm short on platforms  
> so sometimes I have to use a slave and it's inconvenient to have it  
> running builds in the background while I'm trying to use it (I have  
> some builds which drive GUI apps so having them pop up and go away  
> while I'm using the machine is quite irritating).

I run my slaves against an Xvfb display session so those windows don't
pop up on the actual display session :)

What app are you testing ? I'm interested in UI testing and I'd love to
see other project's way of doing it.


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