[Buildbot-devel] usebranches work going into CVS trunk

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Jul 19 23:07:47 UTC 2005

Just a heads up, I'm merging the build-on-branch code into the CVS trunk now.
Further testing will begin once it's merged (I'll start by moving the Twisted
buildmaster over to the new scheme).

This code is missing a few things relative to the previous release: in
particular, there is no status reporting for the new Scheduler objects yet,
so the waterfall display will not yet say "Waiting MM:SS" after a Change has
arrived but before the build commences. I'm still trying to figure out a good
way to display this status. So, while I'm usually thrilled to have
adventurous fellow buildbotters try out the bleeding-edge CVS code, note the
fair warning that the new code is still a work in progress. Also note that
master.cfg files need to change, to add the new c['scheduler'] key. Plus, I
have not yet put any work into making sure that the slave/master protocol is
compatible across the changes: my tests are all running slaves against
masters of the same version, whereas by the time 0.7.0 is released I hope to
make sure that 0.6.6 slaves can work sensibly with an 0.7.0 master.

And of course, there are several features missing that I want to implement
before 0.7.0 goes out the door. The next two weeks are kind of busy for me,
it is unlikely that I will get a release out in that time frame, but my vague
target is to get 0.7.0 out in early August.

Also, there is now a Darcs mirror of up-to-date Buildbot code, at
http://buildbot.sf.net/darcs-repos/trunk . Thanks to Zooko for prodding me
into trying out Darcs, it really is a neat tool. The Darcs mirror has one
small weirdness (due to some missing features in the 'tailor' script that
maintains it): all the code is in a 'buildbot' subdirectory of the thing you
get with a 'darcs get', rather than in the top-level. Kind of goofy, but a
small price to pay for being able to get code that is about 5 minutes out of
date rather than the 5 hours of lag introduced by sf.net's anoncvs mirroring


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