[Buildbot-devel] fyi: mac os x tiger, gcc 3.3 vs. ZopeInterface

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Mon Jul 11 21:26:39 UTC 2005


I discovered a problem with ZopeInterface (a pre-req for Twisted  
2.0.1) on OS X Tiger and thought I would let the list know the  
workaround I found.

On tiger, the default system compiler is gcc 4.0 but the current  
3.0.1 tarball of ZopeInterface won't compile with it (fix below) so I  
changed the system compiler to 3.3 and rebuilt.  Apparently, this was  
a bad idea because launching a buildbot will fail to launch with the  
following error:

2005/07/08 18:53 PDT [-]   File "/System/Library/Frameworks/ 
internet/posixbase.py", line 46, in ?
2005/07/08 18:53 PDT [-]     import process
2005/07/08 18:53 PDT [-]   File "/System/Library/Frameworks/ 
internet/process.py", line 31, in ?
2005/07/08 18:53 PDT [-]     from twisted.internet.error import  
2005/07/08 18:53 PDT [-] ImportError: cannot import name  

Building ZopeInterface with gcc 4.0 instead will fix the problem but  
first you have to modify one file in the downloaded tarball first.


--> Dependencies/zope.interface-ZopeInterface-3.0.1/zope.interface/ 

At line 73, it says:

extern PyTypeObject SpecType;   /* Forward */

You need to change it to:

static PyTypeObject SpecType;   /* Forward */

Just thought this info might help somebody.


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