[Buildbot-devel] master status

Kreinick, Michael H. michael.kreinick at gs.com
Sun Jul 10 02:22:06 UTC 2005

>But it's actually quite useful for developing debugging 
>configs as well.
>Being able to reload you config on the fly and force changes is very
>useful. If you keep having to restart you BB master it looks to users
>like its very flaky, when you might just be refining the config, and
>when you have several slaves this can happen quite often.

You can reload your config using buildbot sighup (or kill), and you can
force changes with buildbot sendchange. Maybe not under Windows, I guess.

>One of the reasons I didn't run this code is because it uses GTK. You
>might be better off rewriting it using Tkinter (the Python Tcl/Tk

>We use wxPython (which I think is even more portable than Tcl/Tk). It
>would be nice if you would consider this options as well. I think this
>would be a better solution than PyGTK for the large GUI you describe
>because it is more portable (and I would suspect more widely 
>used in the
>Python community than PyGTK?) Tkinter isn't that great for large GUI
>apps because it lacks some useful widgets.

I would rather see them ported to Tk or left alone entirely. Under Linux,
wxPython is actually built on GTK anyway, so unless you have it installed,
you're building it either way. Under Windows, installing wxWindows, then
wxPython isn't any easier than installing GTK, then pyGTK. Obviously this
doesn't apply if, like you, you have wxPython installed already, but...

Getting back to the original point, could you explain what exactly you're
trying to accomplish, just for my curiosity's sake? Originally I thought you
were planning on writing an IDE plugin. Now it seems like you want to write
an IM notification layer, but not build off the existing Words status
target. But I don't understand why you need queries (rather than just
events) if you're doing an IM notification.

Lastly, I agree that bb could use some sort of wiki, but there may not be
the critical mass of users yet to make it really useful. For the moment,
making the documentation available on the front page, no matter how
unpolished or even flat-out wrong at times, and then fixing it, seems to me
a more valuable approach.


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