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Nick Trout nick at
Sat Jul 9 20:56:03 UTC 2005

> Try running buildbot with no arguments. It has interfaces to
> the

Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. I hadn't tried the debugclient or
statusgui before because I don't use GTK. Also I don't think the
statusgui or statuslog will work unless you add a PB listener to the
master config. I only got this from ferreting around in the code because
I don't think it's documented anywhere.

Just so as not to seem harsh here, I think Brian is doing an excellent
job of developing and supporting this project, but some areas like this
aren't documented. I think would be very useful to a lot of users if
they knew they were there. I know good documentation can take a lot of
time so perhaps another solution would be to put a wiki up? People do
seem to be contributing help and the varied nature of BB usage could be
documented on the wiki in order to aid development and new users. E.g.
people could contribute master.cfgs, style sheets, patches etc.
(Although I know this can be done in SF to an extent.)

I would recommend MoinMoin:

It's written in Python. It's easy to install. You might use its macros
to hook up to features in Buildbot, who knows. It can be run behind a
Twisted web server as well I believe. You supports ACLs so you could
have admin/developer group only edited pages where you could develop the
BB documentation to be distributed.

> I don't think you want to do your XML service thing as a remote status
> client. I think you want to write your own IStatusReceiver. Only the
> (waterfall) target uses this, but you can too: override
> just like the waterfall does, and then use the Icontrol object to get
> information about whatever you want. From the Icontrol you can walk
> much the whole BB object model and do whatever you want (see
> buildbot.interfaces). You should be able to avoid doing any caching
> really, any serious work in your code. Doing it in-process means you
> also avoid the hassle of worrying about losing your connection to the
> master.

I want to run a service that listens to other notifications as well
(e.g. VCS changes etc) and then pings clients, but can also be queried.
Now that I know about status.client.PBListener I can subscribe to this
from my notification service and interpret the text messages received.
The thing I'm most bothered about is an instant (non-email) notification
when a builder fails. My first guess was that I would have to implement
IStatusReceiver but on closer inspection status.client does what I want
(for now).

> Hope that helps,
> Michael


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