[Buildbot-devel] Command-line build master interface

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Sat Jul 9 03:21:15 UTC 2005

Hi Joe, I was just messing around with that code and I got that same
error. Its probably because you're not specifying the correct port for
the TextClient to talk to the server. In your config, when you create
the PBListener you specify a port: client.PBListener(XXXX). You need to
pass this same port to the TextClient. The one used by default in the
test example conflicted with my slave port. To run the TextClient:

	python base.py localhost:XXXX

(if you're testing locally and the PBListener port was XXXX). I used
8007 for slaves, 8008 for TextClient and 8010 for waterfall.

Hope that helps. You might also want to change clients/base.py test to

	c = TextClient(master, "full")

so that you see all the messages. I believe this is just a listener so
you cannot control the process from here. I don't think there is a
mechanism to control BB from the command line remotely. 


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> Hey everyone,
> I've been playing with buildbot for the last few days and am
> considering it for a project but I can't seem to find a command line
> interface to the build master.  I can use the web interface on the
> build master, but I don't always want to have to connect to it though
> a web browser (or IRC, I guess).  Does such a thing exist, or does my
> question even make sense?  I've been looking at the TextClient class
> but I don't see anything in runner.py that looks promising except for
> the status update thing (which also doesn't seem to work for me, all I
> ever see out of it is "Unhandled error in Deferred:" and nothing
> else).
> My current configuration is based on the simple master.cfg, in case
> that's relevant.
> Thanks,
> -J.
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> -Joe.
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