[Buildbot-devel] Command-line build master interface

Joe MacDonald joe.macdonald at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 19:26:18 UTC 2005

Hey everyone,

I've been playing with buildbot for the last few days and am
considering it for a project but I can't seem to find a command line
interface to the build master.  I can use the web interface on the
build master, but I don't always want to have to connect to it though
a web browser (or IRC, I guess).  Does such a thing exist, or does my
question even make sense?  I've been looking at the TextClient class
but I don't see anything in runner.py that looks promising except for
the status update thing (which also doesn't seem to work for me, all I
ever see out of it is "Unhandled error in Deferred:" and nothing

My current configuration is based on the simple master.cfg, in case
that's relevant.



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