[Buildbot-devel] master.cfg file

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Thu Aug 4 01:53:32 UTC 2005

> This is my master.cfg file ..what should i add to this file to trigger the
> build on every commit. Can anyone help me with this please.

It's been a while since I've used cvstoys myself, but I believe that the line
you have commented out ought to do the trick:

 c['sources'] = []
 c['sources'] = FreshCVSSource("beceem-chand",9999, "foo", "bar")

These appear to match the ConfigurationSet you put in the freshCfg file. You
need to make sure freshcvs is actually being run, of course (which involves
the CVSROOT/loginfo script.. I believe the freshcvs install process will edit
this for you). I'm assuming that your CVS repository is running on the
machine named beceem-chand, of course.

Look in the buildmaster's "twistd.log" file as it starts up, there should be
a log message added when it connects to the FreshCVS daemon, and another when
something actually changes.

hope that helps,

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