[Buildbot-devel] cleanly taking slave offline?

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Thu Aug 4 01:07:44 UTC 2005

On Aug 3, 2005, at 5:59 PM, Brian Warner wrote:

>> I'm sure I just missed it but is there a way to cleanly take a slave
>> offline after it completes its current build?
> Nope, not yet. I'll add it to the TODO list (SF#1251484, feel free  
> to add
> notes). I'm not sure what the best UI should be.. I could add a  
> 'buildbot
> shutdown-slave SLAVENAME' command (with a '--now' option to do it  
> right away
> instead of waiting for the end of the current build). But do you  
> actually
> need to stop the buildslave, or just pause it (keep it from  
> starting new
> builds)? We could add 'buildbot pause-slave SLAVENAME' and 'buildbot
> unpause-slave SLAVENAME', which would keep the slave running and  
> connected,
> but set a flag that says it isn't eligible for new builds until  
> unpaused.
> Would that help, or do you think you want to reboot the slave while  
> it is
> paused (which would probably restart the build slave, depending on  
> how you
> have it set up, and then the flag would get cleared).

99% of the time, just making the slave ineligible for new builds  
would be perfect.  Like I said, I just want to use the machine for a  
while and the running slave makes that next to impossible.

Right now, if you kill a slave while there is no build going on, the  
master just says "disconnect" and waits for it to reappear.  But, if  
you kill a slave while it's building, you get a build failure.   
That's what I'm trying to avoid since the master will send a nasty- 
gram to everyone who was responsible for the build that got  
abnormally terminated.


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