[Buildbot-devel] Checkin emails?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Thu Sep 23 05:38:50 UTC 2004

> I just noticed there were a bunch of changes in the CVS version, even though 
> things had been quiet on the list.

Yeah, I've been applying a steady stream of small changes, trying to get the
code ready for release. I've got one more large feature (checkout with -D
TIMESTAMP or equivalent) on my list, then we can focus on testing and
upgrade/docs/packaging issues.

> Is it possible to get emails sent when changes are made? I'll be glad to
> help set up syncmail if that would help. Using a separate mailing list
> would probably be good.

Good idea. I've just created the buildbot-commits mailing list, but it will
take a day or so to come online. I'd appreciate help in setting up syncmail,
especially with sf.net's funky CVS setup. (and it will help me get the
metabuildbot online, at the moment it has no way to find out about changes).


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