[Buildbot-devel] New User & odd/different source requirements

Richard Dawe rdawe at messagelabs.com
Tue Sep 14 14:48:15 UTC 2004


On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 20:06, Brian Warner wrote:
> > all I was intending to start with was to use the command line steps to set
> > my view 'cleartool setview <viewname>'' then issue the (localised) make
> > command to run from the view, but even that's looking challenging.
> That should be pretty straightforward. I think you may run into some problems
> with the way ClearCase likes to own your workspace.. you're treading new
> ground here.

Another possibility is to use "cleartool startview <view>" to make sure
that your view is mounted and then use view-extended paths to access
that view. E.g.:

  cleartool startview myview
  cd /view/myview/vobs/myvob/path/to/src

That cuts out the extra shell that you get from "cleartool setview",
which might make automating it via buildbot more viable. It does rely on
your Makefiles using relative paths rather than absolute paths
(/vobs/myvob, etc.). If you can fix up your Makefiles, this should be a

Bye, Rich

PS: Hi Brian - long time no mail! I've been meaning to try out buildbot
here, but I haven't got round to it yet, beyond a toy "Hello World"

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