[Buildbot-devel] Re: don't pickle me! (+ bug)

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Tue Oct 12 18:20:39 UTC 2004

On Oct 12, 2004, at 11:04 AM, Brian Warner wrote:

> Stephen Davis writes (about an exception):
>>          cPickle.PicklingError: Can't pickle __builtin__.MyLookup:
>> attribute lookup __builtin__.MyLookup failed
>> The master shutdown process is trying to pickle my cvs username ->
>> email address lookup object.  Should it be doing that if the object
>> doesn't support IPersistable?  Is there some property I can set to say
>> "don't picke me" ???
> Two separate things, either of which would fix the problem. One, any 
> classes
> which provide instances that might get serialized needs to be in a 
> separate
> file and 'import'ed into your master.cfg file. This gives the class a 
> module
> name, which gets saved in the pickle, which gets used to 'import' that 
> module
> in at reload-time. For example:
> mysupport/mystuff.py:
>  class MyLookup(): ...
> master.cfg:
>  from mystuff import MyLookup
>  ...

Dang, I knew I should've tried that first.  You think I would've 
remembered that from the first time I set up my bots -- my custom 
builder objects are in a separate file most likely for this exact 
reason.  Oops.


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