[Buildbot-devel] Waterfall HTML styling

Alexander Staubo alex at byzantine.no
Mon Nov 8 23:58:51 UTC 2004

The waterfall output is informational, but aesthetically pretty crummy, 
in my humble opinion.

I notice that the output is statically tagged with colours and (in the 
case of the text log output) inline styles; there doesn't seem to be an 
easy way to override the HTML, or jam in my own style sheet.

For my own server I'm tempted to make a copy of html.py and add the 
necessary changes locally, but that's not scalable in the long run.

Html.py does seem to use some kind of adapter system for pluggable 
rendering, but before I go into familiarizing myself with Twisted and 
the BuildBot sources, I'd like to hear some expert opinions on what the 
best way to tweak the HTML output would be.

Specifically, each box needs a class representing the type of step (eg., 
"testing", "compile") and the outcome ("success, "failure", etc.). The 
other cells also need classes. Finally, the page needs to reference, 
with <link>, a named style sheet.

If people think augmenting the current HTML with these classes, I'd be 
willing to submit the necessary patches.


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