[Buildbot-devel] Some questions/problems running latest build bot source on Windows

Elliot Murphy elliot.murphy at veritas.com
Mon Nov 8 22:02:54 UTC 2004

Thanks, the bb patch fixed a few of the failing tests. 

The tsc.diff patch did not seem to make any difference. The error message in
test.log about spawnProcess seems to be asking for
win32eventreactor.Win32Reactor to be imported instead of plain reactor
buildbot/slavecommands.py (only when running on win32, of course). I
temporarily tried changing the import, and it seemed to fix a few more
tests. Dunno if it is relevant, but I'm running with Twisted 1.30.

Assuming the Win32Reactor thing is the right fix, I only see with 2 failures
and 9 errors. I assume some of the problem could be that changes have not
rippled through CVS yet, so I can try re-running the test suite tomorrow.
Just in case, I've copied the fail/error messages below and am attaching the
trial/test logs.

testPrefix (buildbot.test.test_changes.TestChangePerspective) ... [FAIL]
testMsgS1 (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test3) ... [FAIL]

testMsg1p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg2p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg3p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg4p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg5p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg6p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsg7p (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test2) ... [ERROR]
testMsgS4 (buildbot.test.test_mailparse.Test3) ... [ERROR]
testSlave (buildbot.test.test_run.Status) ... [ERROR]


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|bot source on Windows
|> However, here is something that will work on NT-based Windows systems
|> (Win2K, XP, etc.), but not on Win95:
|> win32api.MoveFileEx(src, dst, win32con.MOVEFILE_REPLACE_EXISTING)
|Eyah. Ok, I think I'll go with the os.unlink approach, since the most
|failure case is when the filesystem is full, in which case the pickle will
|fail first. I've committed the change, it may be a few hours before it
|up on sf.net's anonymous-cvs, so I've attached the patch.
| -Brian

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