[Buildbot-devel] buildbot slave hangs on SunOS?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Jan 30 20:56:14 UTC 2004

> 2004/01/30 08:58 MST [Broker,client] startBuild
> 2004/01/30 08:58 MST [Broker,client]  startCommand:cvs [id 6 325182]
> 2004/01/30 08:58 MST [Broker,client]   command 'rm -rf /home/ed/BuildBot/laraine/laraine_tip/build' in dir /home/ed/BuildBot/laraine/laraine_tip/. [None]
> 2004/01/30 08:58 MST [-] command finished with signal None, exit code 0

That looks normal, the slave reports that it finished the 'rm -rf' correctly.

> 2004/01/30 08:58 MST [-]   command 'cvs -d /upc/share/CVS -z3 checkout -r HEAD -d build netcdf-3' in dir /home/ed/BuildBot/laraine/laraine_tip/. [None]

You're saying that it just stops here? For how long? The CVS command should
be executing during this time, and you won't see any additional messages in
the buildmaster log until it finishes (or hits the 20-minute idle timeout).

Look at the buildmaster's web page: there should be a box for "CVS checkout"
that should be yellow while the step is running. The "log" link there will
show you all the stdout/stderr that the process has emitted so far. If the
CVS process was able to get started (that is, if execvpe() was successful,
which is probably equivalent to the 'cvs' executable being found on $PATH),
then any later error messages should show up there.

You can also look for clues in the buildslave's log (the twistd.log file in
the buildslave's base directory). If you edit slavecommand.py around line 56
(Command.__init__) and do 'self.debug = 1', then the buildslave will log a
message for every status update it sends to the buildmaster, including every
byte of stdout/stderr that the child process runs. This is a lot of data, and
you'll probably want to turn it off once you've gotten everything working.

Also do a 'ps' on the buildslave host to see if cvs is actually running or
not, and whether it is consuming any CPU time.

hope that helps,

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