[Buildbot-devel] how to get buildbot to build an old (i.e. tagged) version?

Ed Hartnett ed at unidata.ucar.edu
Fri Jan 16 12:25:37 UTC 2004

Howdy Brian!

I would love to be able to implement this cvs feature and send you a
patch, but my python skills are not yet up to that I think. I hope
they will be withing a month or so as I work with the buildbot.

Instead I'll try subclassing ConfigurableBuildFactory. I'll start with
a question: where should I add my code?

I unpacked buildbot in a subdir, and when I did the python install, I
noticed that it copies all the code to a subdirectory in the machine's
python tree. I had to be su to do that, but of course I don't want to
be su to add python code.

Any thoughts?



PS - Any examples of subclassing this that you can easily point me at?

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