[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.4.2 available

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Jan 9 06:41:48 UTC 2004

Buildbot: http://buildbot.sf.net

Buildbot-0.4.2 is now available from the sourceforge download page. The
release is signed with my GPG key as always (available from
http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html), and the md5sum of the tarball is:

 3dc9363088c0418b316944bc5327ea04  buildbot-0.4.2.tar.gz

This is a minor release with a few bug fixes and some small new features. A
parser for Bonsai commit messages was contributed by Stephen Davis, CVS steps
can now set the "global options" (the ones on the left side of the
checkout/update command). The test suite now works (all tests finally pass)
and is included in the distribution tarball.

There is currently a problem with sourceforge.net's shell access, so the web
page has not yet been updated (it still claims 0.4.1 is the latest release).
I'll fix that once I'm able to log into the server again.

Complete NEWS is attached below. Questions and comments to the buildbot-devel
mailing list.

Have a (test)suite day,

* Relase 0.4.2 (08 Jan 2004)

** test suite updated

The test suite has been completely moved over to Twisted's "Trial"
framework, and all tests now pass. To run the test suite (consisting of 64
tests, probably covering about 30% of BuildBot's logic), do this:

 PYTHONPATH=. trial -v buildbot.test

** Mail parsers updated

Several bugs in the mail-parsing code were fixed, allowing a buildmaster to
be triggered by mail sent out by a CVS repository. (The Twisted Buildbot is
now using this to trigger builds, as their CVS server machine is having some
difficulties with FreshCVS). The FreshCVS mail format for directory
additions appears to have changed recently: the new parser should handle
both old and new-style messages.

A parser for Bonsai commit messages (buildbot.changes.mail.parseBonsaiMail)
was contributed by Stephen Davis. Thanks Stephen!

** CVS "global options" now available

The CVS build step can now accept a list of "global options" to give to the
cvs command. These go before the "update"/"checkout" word, and are described
fully by "cvs --help-options". Two useful ones might be "-r", which causes
checked-out files to be read-only, and "-R", which assumes the repository is
read-only (perhaps by not attempting to write to lock files).

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