[Buildbot-devel] consolidating builds for slow bots?

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Sat Feb 7 07:37:56 UTC 2004

>> Any ideas on this one?
> Doh, sorry, I thought I'd responded to that one already.

You may have -- I lost some email on Monday.

>> something like (mono-spaced font required for proper alignment):
> Argh, or it would if there weren't those tabs in it :). Tabs evil. 
> Spaces
> good. Especially with python.

Let's not get into that.  :-)

> Now there is a missing feature in the CVS buildstep which does indeed 
> cause
> the mis-blame problem you describe. The second purpose of the
> tree-stable-timer is to give us a safe timestamp to do the CVS 
> checkout, so
> we can be sure we're getting just the Changes that are listed in the 
> Build
> and not some extra commit that occurred just before we started the 
> checkout.
> The CVS step is supposed to take a timestamp, picked from the dead 
> center of
> the tree-stable window, and use it in a -D option.
> This feature is missing (along with the '-r branch' feature that 
> really ought
> to go in with it). Without it, the checkout just comes from HEAD, 
> which could
> be unstable, both because someone has done a commit which is known but 
> not
> yet stable, or because the notification-latency means the buildmaster 
> hasn't
> even heard about it yet. There's some vestigal support for it
> (Build.startBuild computes a 'when' value which is then unused), which 
> should
> probably be ripped out.

That's what I was thinking.  For the build to really represent the 
snapshot in time, the -D option needs to be used.  I'll poke around.

The design bits made sense.  Guess I'll just get a faster build machine 
so it's not behind all the time.  :-)


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