[Buildbot-devel] consolidating builds for slow bots?

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Sat Feb 7 05:24:52 UTC 2004

Any ideas on this one?


On Jan 21, 2004, at 1:04 PM, Stephen Davis wrote:

> I've got one bot which is slower than the others (it also has the 
> biggest build) so oftentimes I find that it gets into the situation 
> where it will be given a build just as it finishes the last one but 
> the changes for the new build don't include all the changes since its 
> last build started.  Therefore, as soon as it finishes this new build, 
> it will start another one even though it could have just done one 
> build with all of the changes.  In other words, the time line looks 
> something like (mono-spaced font required for proper alignment):
> time		Changes		Bot1		Bot2		Bot3
> ----------------------------------------------
> 0		change1	->	build1	build1	build1
> 1							finished	finished
> 2		change2	->	queued	build2	build2
> 3		change3	->	queued	queued	queued
> 4					finished	finished	finished
> 5					build2	build3	build3
> 6					finished
> 7					build3
> Even though change2 & change3 occurred before Bot1 finished build1, 
> its next build will be build2 = change2 instead of build2+3 = change2 
> + change3.  Presumably, this is because build2 was fired off b/c Bot2 
> & Bot3 were ready for it first.  It'd be better if change2 + change3 
> could be consolidated into a single build for Bot1 so that it can 
> catch up.
> In fact, b/c Bot1's build2 cvs update will pick up the change3 files 
> anyway, the blame tracking would be wrong.
> If you want to tell me where to start looking, I can see if I can come 
> up with a patch...
> stephen
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