[Buildbot-devel] warnings in cvs step? what does BuildBot consider a warning?

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Feb 5 22:08:06 UTC 2004

> I notice that if I get compiler warnings, the BuildBot web page shows
> a brown result, and says "compile warnings." Very nice feature!
> But it is also happening on my cvs step, yet my cvs seems to go
> perfectly fine. (Output below).
> How does BuildBot decide that there were warnings, and why do you
> think it is happening to my cvs step?

Each BuildStep reports a step-status when it completes. This is frequently
done in the .finished() method. The ShellCommand.finished() method looks at
the child processes' exit code and the stderr output: if it sees a non-zero
rc, it reports FAILURE. If it sees any stderr, it reports WARNINGS.

The cvs command is sending some of its status output to stderr (probably the
directory-switching markers), triggering the default ShellCommand's
warnings-detector. The CVS buildstep has a different .finished method that
ignores stderr.

The solution is probably to make your cvs-checking ShellCommand into its own
class, and then override the .finished method to look more like the
CVS.finished (step.py:743).


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