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Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Dec 9 03:11:30 UTC 2004

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Brian Warner writes:
>>     http://bugzilla.SpamAssassin.org:8010/
>Excellent! I'll add it to the buildbot web page.
>>   - I had to hack up svn commit-emails.pl support -- patch in the sf.net
>>     patches queue
>Cool, I'll take a look. Is this a notification script that ships with svn or
>is it a third-party thing?

It's distributed with svn, as far as I know; that one works with the
ASF's svn repository, which is what we're using ;)

However, that patch is slightly incomplete -- while it *does* trigger the
builds at the right time, parses the rev correctly, and gets blame right, 
it doesn't seem to be parsing the commit message.   I haven't got
around to figuring out why though...

>>   - Michael Parker's dynamic-IP-addressed slaves issue
>I've got the first round of lost-slave-handling patches in CVS now, and I'm
>testing it out on the Twisted buildbot (there's one slave which lives behind
>a slow link that will timeout if you even look at it funny, so I'm trying to
>make sure the buildmaster handles that part well before actually fixing the
>slave side to not disconnect so readily).


>>   - is there a way to pick up idle slaves, when the master is restarted?
>>     it appears that they must also be restarted to show up as online.
>>     (it'd be nice if they could poll the server, and reconnect gracefully
>>     if the server conn dies.)
>As Stephen pointed out, it's an expontential backoff that could really be
>clamped to a shorter maximum. The parameter is named 'maxDelay', and defaults
>to one hour. If you'd like to clamp it lower (say, 10 minutes), then edit
>buildbot/slave/bot.py (about line 285) to set BotFactory.maxDelay:
> class BotFactory(ReconnectingPBClientFactory):
>     maxDelay = 10*60
>     keepaliveTimeout = 30
>     unsafeTracebacks = 1
>     ...
>If you're seeing backoff delays of more than an hour, let me know. (I think
>the slave will log each delay in twistd.log, but I could be mistaken). There
>might be a bug somewhere. The slave logs are pretty valuable in this case.

Maybe Michael could take a look for us ;)

>I do believe there was a bug in some versions of Twisted such that certain
>disconnects would get classified as a "UserError" which did not schedule a
>reconnection attempt. This may or may not have any bearing on possible long
>reconnect times.
>>   - and finally, it's shown up some bizarro FreeBSD locking bug in our
>>     code; but I can't really blame BuildBot for that, it's just doing
>>     its job ;)
>Yes! That's exactly what it's meant to do: ferret out the cross-platform and
>portability issues.

well, it's doing it here for sure ;)

>> No, they are running.  I just restarted one of them and it came right
>> back up.  Maybe I should just put in a cron job that restarts them
>> every so often.  It would be nice to put in some sort of HUP or other
>> signal that I could send the slave to cause it to ping the master, or
>> something like that.
>Hmm, I can see having SIGHUP trigger a reconnect perhaps being useful, but if
>you have to get that involved with the slave then you might as well restart
>it. Ideally the timed reconnect should be enough.

Yes.  I think if it all worked as expected, the requirements for
slave-restarting et al would not be required.   Anyway, if I restart the
master on machine A, in this case I have no access to go around SIGHUPping
the various slaves running at machines B,C,D,etc...

>That said, there are a handful of slave-side control buttons that I haven't
>figured out how to expose properly. Ping and Force Build are things that the
>slave admin should be able to easily do at any time. Maybe a small web page
>served by the buildslave, maybe a SIGUSR1 or 2, maybe a local TCP port that
>you just telnet into. Not sure.

mind you -- they *can* do that by visiting the master's page, and hitting
the button from there... strikes me as good enough. ;)


- --j.
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