[Buildbot-devel] Slaves behind Dynamic IPs

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sat Dec 4 22:22:27 UTC 2004

> I have a couple of slaves behind dynamic IP addresses.  When the IP
> address changes they are no longer able to talk to the master, getting
> this traceback:

Ok, the code I just finished getting into CVS should survive this situation
slightly better: the old connection will be dropped, then the new connection
will be accepted. (The old behavior was to reject the new connection, which
was almost always the wrong thing to do).

It still doesn't do anything clever to recognize that it is getting two
connections from the same slave, but I'm starting to think that clever==bad,
because if the slave thinks the old connection isn't viable anymore, the
master should pay attention to that. After all, it's the buildslave that's
initiating these connections.

The next set of changes will be to improve the buildslave's timeout behavior
so that sending large logfiles over a slow link doesn't trick it into
thinking the link has failed. I'm hopeful that this will solve the problems
we've seen with both bot-exarkun and (I suspect) bot-win32, on the Twisted


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