[Buildbot-devel] buildbot SIGUSR2 during build

Tim Stoakes buildbot at ax.ath.cx
Wed Dec 1 00:08:03 UTC 2004

I have 2 slaves running on FreeBSD (5.3) and Linux, running the same compile +
test steps. They both fail after a couple of mins with:
process killed by signal 12
program finished with exit code -1
Sig 12 is SIGUSR2 on linux. It appears as signal 31 on FreeBSD (USR2 also).
These happen at the same place on every build, but the BSD one is at a different
place to the linux one. It's not timing out, output is spewing all over the
place. This code running on a windows XP build slave works perfectly.

This code works perfectly if I run it as the buildbot user manually on the 2

I am running buildbot 0.6.1 on all machines in this system.

Any ideas would be appreaciated, thanks.

Tim Stoakes

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