[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.3.2 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed May 7 20:12:36 UTC 2003

Buildbot-0.3.2 is now available from the sourceforge download page:
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=73177 . The release is
signed with my GPG public key, available from
http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html .

This release fixes some minor bugs and one major packaging bug: none of the
buildbot/* subdirectories were included in the 0.3.1 tarball, rendering it
completely useless. My apologies.. I'm still learning how to use distutils

Work is slowly proceeding on the IRC status delivery, with some framework
code added in buildbot/status/words.py . I'm looking towards adding some new
kinds of HTML status display in the next few weeks, something more compact
than the full waterfall display. Also, the remote status client is now
working again, and continues to improve as I figure out how to replace my own
hacks with established twisted.spread idioms like pb.Cacheable.

Complete NEWS contents for the 0.3.2 release are included below. As always,
please send feedback to this buildbot-devel mailing list.

Have a frequently-built day,

* Release 0.3.2 (07 May 2003):

** packaging changes

*** fix major packaging bug: none of the buildbot/* subdirectories were
included in the 0.3.1 release. Sorry, I'm still figuring out distutils

** internal changes

*** use pb.Cacheable to update Events in remote status client. much cleaner.

*** start to clean up BuildProcess->status.builder interface

** bug fixes

*** waterfall display was missing a <tr>, causing it to be misrendered in most
browsers (except the one I was testing it with, of course)

*** URL without trailing slash (when served in a twisted-web distributed
server, with a url like "http://twistedmatrix.com/~warner.twistd") should do
redirect to URL-with-trailing-slash, otherwise internal hrefs are broken.

*** remote status clients: forget RemoteReferences at shutdown, removes
warnings about "persisting Ephemerals"

** Twisted buildprocess updates:

*** match build process as of twisted-1.0.5
**** use python2.2 everywhere now that twisted rejects python2.1
**** look for test-result constants in multiple places
*** move experimental 'trial --jelly' code to separate module
*** add FreeBSD builder
*** catch rc!=0 in HLint step
*** remove RunUnitTestsRandomly, use randomly=1 parameter instead
*** parameterize ['twisted.test'] default test case to make subclassing easier
*** ignore internal distutils warnings in python2.3 builder

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