[Buildbot-devel] problem with "last build" view incorrect.

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Dec 22 00:28:31 UTC 2003

> Uhmm... I think I put the captured html in the mail (at least I was able 
> to view it correctly with both mozilla & thunderbird mail).

Ah, it could be it was multipart/alternative and my MUA showed me the
plain-text version. Sorry.

> Anyway, I put a screenshot online at 
> http://japj.org/projects/buildbot/screenshot.jpg

That makes it much more clear. Yeah, the behavior I described could cause
that behavior.

The flag is not a part of the Step itself, but rather an argument you pass
when you create the Step inside the BuildFactory. Take a look at
buildbot/process/process_twisted.py in QuickTwistedBuildFactory.__init__,
where it sets up the RunUnitTests step:

        steps.append((RunUnitTests, {'workdir': workdir,
                                     'python': python,
                                     'flunkOnFailure': 1}))

That 'flunkOnFailure' flag is the important part. Each step can have its own
defaults, but I don't think any of them enforce the propagate-failures
behavior on you.

> On a side note, I noticed on http://www.twistedmatrix.com/buildbot/ that 
> errors in the debian lintian part for debuild do not propagate to the 
> last build status 'error' (it currently shows build successfull, while 
> the last build had lintian errors), this looks somewhat like my problem 
> (unless this behaviour is intentional for the debian lint step)..

Quite probably the same thing. I will change that to set the 'warnOnWarnings'


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