[Buildbot-devel] way to tell slave to disconnect after current build finishes?

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sun Dec 21 02:55:54 UTC 2003

> Have you noticed that, once you start to get users, they start making 
> all kinds of demands?  :-P

Darn users.. :)

> Is there any way to send some signal or command to the slave to have it 
> disconnect when its current build is finished?  That way, it'd be in a 
> clean state the next time it starts up and the build status would be 
> its expected last value instead of "interrupted".  A mechanism to do so 
> either on the slave host or via the master would be cool.

Not yet. Could you file this as a feature request? The mechanism would
probably be a flag in the Builder to indicate that something should be done
as soon as the state goes to 'idle'. I'd like this for updating the Builder
configuration too, since at the moment I'm not sure if re-reading the config
file and changing a Builder in the middle of a Build really works correctly,
and a hook to put it off until the builders were idle would make it easier to

Then the BotPerspective could acquire a new remote_requestShutdown method,
which could be invoked by a slave (like the current method which allows slave
admins to force builds from the slave side), and would set the flag to
indicate that the slave should be asked to shut down when it is next idle.
The slave would get a remote_shutdown method (which I think it has already,
actually). The slave admin would need to be watching for it to go offline so
they could make their changes and the restart the slave manually.


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