[Buildbot-devel] 'interlock' on bot?

Jeroen Janssen japj at oce.nl
Fri Dec 12 10:58:03 UTC 2003

Stephen Davis wrote:

> #  interlocks: a list of (name, [feeders], [watchers]) tuples:
> #     name: the name of the interlock, must be unique
> #     feeders: the names of the Builders which feed this interlock
> #     watchers: the names of the Builders which watch this interlock
> BuildmasterConfig['builders']
> BuildmasterConfig['interlocks'] = [ ("glib-lock", ["glib-quick"], 
> ["glib-full"]) ]
> "glib-full" will build after "glib-quick".  Since the  the 
> "glib-quick" and "glib-full" builds are assigned to the same build 
> bot, that bot will only run one of them at a time.  In addition, 
> "glib-full" will only build if "glib-quick" completes successfully so 
> they are really dependencies.

if I (manually) start glib-full, will that mean glib-quick will also not 
run until glib-full is completely done? (basicly, that is what I want. 
regardless of the order in which builds start, I want only one at a 
certain point in time).

The above 'feeders'/'watchers' configuration looks like glib-full is not 
a feeder for the lock, so it can never block the start of glib-quick?

Based on that syntax, I would probably need to write:

BuildmasterConfig['interlocks'] = [ ("glib-lock", 
["glib-quick","glib-full"], ["glib-full","glib-quick"]) ]

But this might introduce a circular trigger (one one build starts, it 
will never stop building again)

        Best regards,
                Jeroen Janssen

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