[Buildbot-devel] understanding buildbot & writing custom 'process'

Jeroen Janssen japj at oce.nl
Fri Dec 12 10:28:07 UTC 2003

Jeroen Janssen wrote:

> Now about the 'increments' part, I think that can be best explained 
> like this :
> I want to use the same buildbot master to control slaves for different 
> sources. Imagine to use the same buildbot for both the twisted and the 
> glib projects.
> Change notifications for twisted should only trigger 'twisted 
> builders' (slaves) and the same goes for the glib ones.

Another example would be to have a 'doc' builder only trigger when 
something is checked into the 'document directories'.
This 'could' be done in 2 ways:
* check the changeset for changes in the document tree
* generate a changeset based upon a 'doc-commit' mail and 'trigger' only 
'doc builders'

The last one would probably be closest to what I think I want :)

        Best regards,
                Jeroen Janssen

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