[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.4.1 available

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Dec 10 00:17:37 UTC 2003

Buildbot: http://buildbot.sf.net

buildbot-0.4.1 is now available from the sourceforge download page. The
release is signed with my GPG key (as always, available from
http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html), and the md5sum of the tarball is:

8dab0b3eeb1217a88b7d3c3da06d059d  buildbot-0.4.1.tar.gz

This release fixes the previously-broken MaildirSource. This is a class which
allows the buildmaster to discover source code changes by subscribing to a
mailing list (like the cvs-commits list that many projects offer). When it is
not feasible to set up a FreshCVS daemon on your project's CVS server, using
a mailing list is a viable alternative. At least, 0.4.1 makes the alternative
viable: in 0.4.0 they were complely broken.

Complete NEWS for the 0.4.1 release is attached below. Please direct all
questions to the buildbot-devel mailing list.

Have a subscribable day,

* Release 0.4.1 (09 Dec 2003)

** MaildirSources fixed

Several bugs in MaildirSource made them unusable. These have been fixed (for
real this time). The Twisted buildbot is using an FCMaildirSource while they
fix some FreshCVS daemon problems, which provided the encouragement for
getting these bugs fixed.

In addition, the use of DNotify (only available under linux) was somehow
broken, possibly by changes in some recent version of Python. It appears to
be working again now (against both python-2.3.3c1 and python-2.2.1).

** master.cfg can use 'basedir' variable

As documented in the sample configuration file (but not actually implemented
until now), a variable named 'basedir' is inserted into the namespace used
by master.cfg . This can be used with something like:

  os.path.join(basedir, "maildir")

to obtain a master-basedir-relative location.

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