[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.4.0 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Dec 5 23:53:49 UTC 2003

Buildbot: http://buildbot.sf.net

buildbot-0.4.0 is now available from the sourceforge download page. The
release is signed with my GPG key (as always, available from
http://www.lothar.com/warner-gpg.html), and the md5sum of the tarball is:

2f813cf3f0dcdbb502a7aa3d18a51ef4  buildbot-0.4.0.tar.gz

This release adds a significant new feature: the buildmaster is now
configured by a 'master.cfg' file which can be re-loaded at runtime, making
it possible to modify or add Builders without shutting down the buildmaster
(and thus losing the event history).

It also moves the codebase to use the Twisted's new Application framework
("newapp"). Both buildslaves and buildmasters now require Twisted-1.1.0 . In
addition, both slave and master .tap files need to be regenerated.

There are no changes in the master/slave protocol relative to 0.3.5, so each
can be upgraded (or not) independently.

Complete NEWS for the 0.4.0 release is included below. As always, please
direct all feedback, questions, bugs, and patches to the buildbot-devel
mailing list.

The next release will focus on better documentation and possibly a new
more-compact status web page.

Have a thoroughly-applied day,

* Release 0.4.0 (05 Dec 2003)

** newapp

I've moved the codebase to Twisted's new 'application' framework, which
drastically cleans up service startup/shutdown just like newcred did for
authorization. This is mostly an internal change, but the interface to
IChangeSources was modified, so in the off chance that someone has written a
custom change source, it may have to be updated to the new scheme.

The most user-visible consequence of this change is that now both
buildmasters and buildslaves are generated with the standard Twisted 'mktap'
utility. Basic documentation is in the README file.

Both buildmaster and buildslave .tap files need to be re-generated to run
under the new code. I have not figured out the styles.Versioned upgrade path
well enough to avoid this yet. Sorry.

This also means that both buildslaves and the buildmaster require
Twisted-1.1.0 or later.

** reloadable master.cfg

Most aspects of a buildmaster is now controlled by a configuration file
which can be re-read at runtime without losing build history. This feature
makes the buildmaster *much* easier to maintain.

In the previous release, you would create the buildmaster by writing a
program to define the Builders and ChangeSources and such, then run it to
create the .tap file. In the new release, you use 'mktap' to create the .tap
file, and the only parameter you give it is the base directory to use. Each
time the buildmaster starts, it will look for a file named 'master.cfg' in
that directory and parse it as a python script. That script must define a
dictionary named 'BuildmasterConfig' with various keys to define the
builders, the known slaves, what port to use for the web server, what IRC
channels to connect to, etc.

This config file can be re-read at runtime, and the buildmaster will compute
the differences and add/remove services as necessary. The re-reading is
currently triggered through the debug port (contrib/debugclient.py is the
debug port client), but future releases will add the ability to trigger the
reconfiguration by IRC command, web page button, and probably a local UNIX
socket (with a helper script to trigger a rebuild locally).

docs/examples/twisted_master.cfg contains a sample configuration file, which
also lists all the keys that can be set.

There may be some bugs lurking, such as re-configuring the buildmaster while
a build is running. It needs more testing.

** MaxQ support

Radix contributed some support scripts to run MaxQ test scripts. MaxQ
(http://maxq.tigris.org/) is a web testing tool that allows you to record
HTTP sessions and play them back.

** Builders can now wait on multiple Interlocks

The "Interlock" code has been enhanced to allow multiple builders to wait on
each one. This was done to support the new config-file syntax for specifying
Interlocks (in which each interlock is a tuple of A and [B], where A is the
builder the Interlock depends upon, and [B] is a list of builders that
depend upon the Interlock).

"Interlock" is misnamed. In the next release it will be changed to
"Dependency", because that's what it really expresses. A new class (probably
called Interlock) will be created to express the notion that two builders
should not run at the same time, useful when multiple builders are run on
the same machine and thrashing results when several CPU- or disk- intensive
compiles are done simultaneously.

** FreshCVSSource can now handle newcred-enabled FreshCVS daemons

There are now two FreshCVSSource classes: FreshCVSSourceNewcred talks to
newcred daemons, and FreshCVSSourceOldcred talks to oldcred ones. Mind you,
FreshCVS doesn't yet do newcred, but when it does, we'll be ready.

'FreshCVSSource' maps to the oldcred form for now. That will probably change
when the current release of CVSToys supports newcred by default.

** usePTY=1 on posix buildslaves

When a buildslave is running under POSIX (i.e. pretty much everything except
windows), child processes are created with a pty instead of separate
stdin/stdout/stderr pipes. This makes it more likely that a hanging build
(when killed off by the timeout code) will have all its sub-childred cleaned
up. Non-pty children would tend to leave subprocesses running because the
buildslave was only able to kill off the top-level process (typically

Windows doesn't have any concept of ptys, so non-posix systems do not try to
enable them.

** mail parsers should actually work now

The email parsing functions (FCMaildirSource and SyncmailMaildirSource) were
broken because of my confused understanding of how python class methods
work. These sources should be functional now.

** more irc bot sillyness

The IRC bot can now perform half of the famous AYBABTO scene.

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