[Buildbot-devel] Different source types?

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Mon Dec 1 23:51:01 UTC 2003

Since we already have bonsai set up to get email notifications for CVS 
changes, my admin asked if we could hook into that instead of running a 
separate FreshCVS daemon.  This means I have to write my own kind of 
mail-based "change source" that connects to the build master.

Normally, to set up a new change source, one would:

	a) Create a source that is incorporated into the build master 
	b) Have that source create change objects derived from somewhere and 
feed them to the build master.

However, is it possible for a .procmail script (the "somewhere") to 
just connect to the master itself?  In other words, the build master 
would have no change sources configured into it but external 
connections would drive it.  The file changes.py has some comments 
about the PB Service ("changemaster", "change") being a way to add 
changes but I'm not sure how one would use it.  Since I can't have a 
daemon I need to be able to connect to and disconnect from the build 
master every commit.  That seems like it wouldn't be too hard but maybe 
I'm wrong.


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