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#2706: Handling test results
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    Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new
Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:  0.8.+
 Version:  0.8.8         |  Resolution:
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Comment (by dustin):

 This is a great idea!

 The existing code for handling test results is, as far as I know,
 completely inoperative.  So you should feel free to throw that out.

 The big danger here is an explosion of data.  If you have thousands of
 builds (as most users do) and each build has thousands of tests (as most
 test runs do), that's millions of test-result rows.  It's a lot more for a
 larger-than-average installation.  If we're sending a message for each new
 test result, that's also a lot of messages.  We've done some work with log
 handling in nine to try to reduce this (by collapsing multiple log lines
 into a single database record, and compressing it).

 I don't think there's a lot of sense in implementing this in 0.8.x, unless
 you're planning to simultaneously re-implement it in nine.  At this point
 the branches have diverged significantly, and I can't promise to re-
 implement any new 0.8.x functionality in nine.  This would be a
 substantial rewrite in nine: it will need DB connector plus tables (and
 new DB migrations in 0.8.x are forbidden..), plus a data API connector,
 methods for tests to add new test results (which will need to be
 asynchronous to support DB inserts), and an AngularJS implementation of
 the frontend.

 A good place to start looking at developing for nine is in the developer
 section of the nine docs - see http://docs.buildbot.net/nine/

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