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#2691: Weight Loss Good
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 I encourage you to try hold the different fruits better out there
 vegetables really should be ball love your diet and whether you eat meat
 or not every single person on the planet myself included would benefit
 fromeating more vegetables the bottom line is that our bodies are internal
 organs need a certain amount of nutrients just in order to function
 [http://cleansefxcanadanow.com/ Cleanse Fx]properly and vegetables are one
 of them fast ways to make sure that you’re getting those nutrients they're
 loaded with fiber day loaded with vitamins and again if you are not eating
 enough vegetables you’re never really get a feel satisfied and fall this
 is because your body.
  just isn’t getting the nutrition that heat so if you have been easy and I
 haveprocessed foods and you're somebody who feels like you’re always
 hungry feels like you're never satisfied then the lack vegetables
 nutrients and fiber in your diet is probably the reason for that and you
 were eating nutrient-rich foods like vegetables we don't have to worry so
 much about counting calories because suddenly you're going to get so much
 nutrition and fiber with these foods that you're going to fill up and feel
 full and satisfied before you'll be able to CP too many calories at those
 speeds again this is a topic that I've discussed in several videos that
 empty calories verses nutrient-rich calories and I think that really is
 the secret toot being on a diet and to not gaining weight back is
 recognizing that we just take the empty calories out a large Diet we don't
 even have to worry about counting calories at all so.
  vegetables there's sweet potatoes eats spinach past swisschard kale there
 are a whole green ball hole vegetables for you to try as explained in
 previous videos the white refined flour that's used in white bread pasta
 and tortillas is completely stripped all of its fiber its nutrients and
 this refined white flour is Paul love empty calories this means those
 calories turned straight into fat without giving your body in New in
 nutrition it also means that this white bread and white flour products are
 going to significantly spike your blood sugar basically it's like having
 here we find sugar every time you have he's white flour products so.

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