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#2560: Missing argument for git clean
Reporter:  Cici       |      Owner:
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 Version:  0.8.8      |   Keywords:  git
 The 0.8.8 documentation states under GIT/method/fresh:
   This remove all other files except those tracked by Git. First it does
 git clean -d -f -x then fetch/checkout to a specified revision(if any).

 However, git clean -d -f -x does not remove all untracked subdirectories
 (e.g. old git submodules are not removed) as the git clean manpage states:
   -d Remove untracked directories in addition to untracked files. If an
 untracked directory is managed by a different git repository, it is not
 removed by default. '''Use -f option twice if you really want to remove
 such a directory.'''

 So basically you have to use git clean -d -f -f -x.

 The same issue occurs for GIT/method/clean.

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