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#2591: Top Schools for Video Game Programming and Development
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 Earning a degree in game programming and development should be considered
 by individuals who have a passion for gaming, and learning how games are
 created. Courses involved in these type of degrees usually include
 gameplay design, 3D graphics, stereoscopic computer graphics, contemporary
 video game platforms, multiplayer game design, and game physics. Having a
 computer that can handle the necessary components involved in video game
 design and development would also be very helpful. The following list
 includes some of the top schools where students can earn this degree, and
 other related degrees to help them enter the video game creation field.

 University of Southern California
 Los Angeles, California
 • Rated by the Princeton Review multiple years in a row as having the #1
 game design program in North America.
 • Students can study programs in Interactive Entertainment, Animation &
 Digital Arts, Cinematic Arts, Film & Television Production, Interactive
 Media, and Science Visualization.
 • USC is not predominantly a design school; they also offer many other
 degrees you would find at most traditional colleges.

 Carnegie Mellon University
 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
 • Carnegie Mellon is a world leader in robotics
 • Students can earn a Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts, which will
 allow students to enter fields such as robotic art, game design, and
 computer animation.

 [http://jeux-deguerre.org/ deguerre jeux]

 Savannah College of Art and Design
 Savannah, Georgia
 • Students can choose to earn degrees, certificates, major in, or minor in
 programs such as Interactive Design & Game Development, Interactive
 Design, Themed Entertainment Design, Motion Media Design, Animation, and
 Visual Effects.
 • Other related programs include Illustration, Film & Television,
 Illustration Design, and Cinema Studies
 • Some programs can be completed at the school's other campuses in
 Atlanta, Hong Kong and Lacoste, France.

 Rochester Institute of Technology
 Rochester, New York
 • All programs offer both unpaid and paid internships.
 • Students can earn a BSc in Gaming Design & Development or New Media
 Interactive Development. Other programs include an MSc in Gaming
 Development & Design, Game Development & Design minor, or a Game Design

 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 Troy, New York
 • Programs offered include Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences,
 Electronic Arts, Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication. Certificates
 in Graphics and Communication design are also available in addition to
 earning a degree.

 DigiPen Institute of Technology
 Redmond, Washington
 • Additional campuses in Washington, Spain, Bilbao, and Singapore
 • Students may earn a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Game
 Design, Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, Digital Art
 and Animation, or Game Design. Master's programs are available in Digital
 Arts and Computer Science.


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