[Buildbot-commits] [Buildbot] #2588: Check in upgrade_master that `rotateLength` and `maxRotatedFiles` are valid

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Sun Nov 17 19:08:16 UTC 2013

#2588: Check in upgrade_master that `rotateLength` and `maxRotatedFiles` are valid
Reporter:  rutsky     |      Owner:
    Type:  undecided  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major      |  Milestone:  0.8.9
 Version:  0.8.8      |   Keywords:
 Recently `buildbot create-master` created `buildbot.tac` with invalid
 default values for  `rotateLength` and `maxRotatedFiles` variables ---
 they were strings instead numbers:

 rotateLength = '10000000'
 maxRotatedFiles = '10'

 That led to invalid Twisted log rotating behavior --- Twisted logs doesn't
 rotated at all.

 This bug was fixed in https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/964 pull

 Such Buildbot error can be fixed on end user Buildbot installations ---
 `buildbot.tac` can be checked and fixed during `buildbot upgrage_master`.

 If no one would like to fix this (I'm a bit lazy and not interested in
 this right now), at least note about this issue should be added to release
 notes for next Buildbot release.

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