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#2436: Full Integration for User Support
Reporter:  dustin        |      Owner:
    Type:  project-idea  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major         |  Milestone:  0.8.+
 Version:  0.8.7p1       |   Keywords:  users
 Buildbot deals with users in many ways - through version control, through
 the web, from IRC, from the command line for `buildbot try` and `buildbot
 sendchange`, and so on.  In GSoC 2011, Derek Hurley added general support
 for correlating users across these interfaces, but the work remains
 unfinished.  This project would involve adding the additional
 configuration and support for interacting with users:
  * proper calculation and display of "blamelists" for changes
  * authentication for submitting jobs and other commands (IRC, web,
  * automatic correlation of user attributes based on rules specific to the
 organization (e.g,. "All email addresses are the subversion username
 @mycompany.com" or "Use email addresses from git commits in the absence of
 an existing email address" or "IRC nicknames match bzr usernames")
  * stored user preferences for notifications

 == scope ==
 This project has the advantage of starting from a solid base - there will
 be more coding than design here.  It also breaks down nicely into
 individual tasks that can be completed one after the other, allowing you
 to scale the scope of the project up or down as the summer proceeds.

 == Relevant Bugs ==

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