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#2435: Complete Master-Side Source Steps
Reporter:  dustin        |      Owner:
    Type:  project-idea  |     Status:  new
Priority:  major         |  Milestone:  0.8.+
 Version:  0.8.7p1       |   Keywords:
 GSoC 2011 included a project to add master-side source steps.  These are a
 new implementation of steps that have historically housed their logic in
 the slave's code, putting that logic in the master instead.  There were a
 few key pieces of functionality omitted from the new master-side source
 steps, and until that functionality is complete Buildbot is stuck
 maintaining *both* - an awkward position.

 The relevant bugs are tagged with 'master-side-source-steps:

 == scope ==
 This project would involve surveying the missing functionality,
 implementing it, and adding tests and documentation.  This involves
 relatively little design work, but a good bit of hands-on debugging and

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