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#2222: master-side git step doesn't support reference repos.
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Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:  0.8.+
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Old description:

> --reference is the option that needs to be passed to clone

New description:

 The slave-side git source step takes a `reference` argument that points to
 a git repository from which git should fetch objects.  That option causes
 `git clone` to be called with `--reference $ref`, and later adds
 `$ref/objects` to the new repository's `.git/objects/info/alternates`.

 The master-side git source step should have the same functionality.


Comment (by dustin):

 From my read of the git manual, the second part -- adding `$ref/objects`
 to `alternates` -- shouldn't be necessary (and, in fact, the pathname may
 be wrong - for a non-bare repository it should be `$ref/.git/objects`).


        --reference <repository>
            If the reference repository is on the local machine,
 automatically setup .git/objects/info/alternates to obtain objects from
 the reference repository. Using an already existing repository as an
 alternate will require fewer objects to be copied from the repository
 being cloned, reducing network and local storage costs.

            NOTE: see the NOTE for the --shared option.


 So, maybe just do the first part.

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