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Wed Dec 12 23:20:00 UTC 2012

#2411: waterfall exception when using newer version of git source step with gerrit
Reporter:  philippem        |       Owner:
    Type:  support-request  |      Status:  new
Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  undecided
 Version:  0.8.7p1          |  Resolution:
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Comment (by philippem):

 I am using !WithProperties in multiple places in the config, for two
 reasons. The first reason is to record the absolute path of the build dir.
 The second reason is to set the description of the git update step, so
 that I can see what gerrit patch is being built. Here is an excerpt that
 adds steps to a factory. Note that this excerpt relies on the older git
 step behaviour, but contains the newer versions commented out.

 def AddINDMABuildSteps(factory, branch, config, dbname, auditdb=None,
 runUnitTests=False, runFlexUnitTests=False, ru\
 nSysupgrade=False, mode="update"):

     desc = "update"

     if mode == "update":
         desc = WithProperties("gerrit patch <a
 chSet.ref:-unknown ref)s</a> by %(event.uploader.username:-buildbot)s")
 #        factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="incremental",
 progress=True, description=desc, descriptionDone=d\
         desc = WithProperties("update from
 %(event.refUpdate.refName:-unknown ref)s")
 #        factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="full", method="clean",
 progress=True, description=desc, descript\

     factory.addStep(Git(repourl=repourl, mode="update", progress=True,
 description=desc, descriptionDone=desc))

     factory.addStep(SetProperty(command=["python", "-c", "import os, sys;
 print os.getcwd(); sys.exit(0)"], property\

     INBuild(factory, branch, config, WithProperties("%(absBuildDir)s"),

     PatchConfigFiles(factory, branch, dbname, "build")

 f_master_debug = factory.BuildFactory()
 AddINDMABuildSteps(f_master_debug, 'master', 'Debug',
 'INgroovesTrunkContinuous', 'INgroovesAuditTrunkContinuous', m\

 f_master_release = factory.BuildFactory()
 AddINDMABuildSteps(f_master_release, 'master', 'Release',
 'INgroovesTrunkContinuous', 'INgroovesAuditTrunkContinuous\
 ', mode="copy")

 f_master_verify_debug = factory.BuildFactory()
 AddINDMABuildSteps(f_master_verify_debug, 'master', 'Debug',
 'INgroovesTrunkContinuous', 'INgroovesAuditTrunkContinu\
 ous', mode="update")


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