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Fri Aug 24 21:40:28 UTC 2012

#2359: Support extracting steps from annotated logs
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Comment (by tom.prince):

 Well, so the issue is that right now, buildbot doesn't have a well-defined
 public api, and various configurations make assumptions about how buildbot
 works (which incidentally makes them hard to upgrade if those assumptions
 are invalidated, hence mozilla being stuck on 0.8.2 for example). The
 point is, that allowing steps to be synthesized means that steps can exist
 with state that have never been run, and steps are created in the middle
 of a build, and probably other things that I haven't thought of. And so
 code that deals with those things needs to be prepared to handle those
 situations. That is what I meant by API surface, which still exists, even
 if it is not reflected in a particular public method.

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