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#1988: Incompatible change in svn_buildbot.py with steps/source.py
Reporter:  abompard   |      Owner:
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Priority:  minor      |  Milestone:  undecided
 Version:  0.8.4      |   Keywords:  svn
 I'm not sure this is a bug, however it's a change worth mentioning
 somewhere. In the svn_buildbot.py script, which is supposed to be run on a
 post-commit hook, the change is creating with a "repository" attribute.
 This value is taken from a variable in the hook, which is the local path
 to the repository (for example /var/lib/svn/myproject).

 There's been a change in steps/source.py, where
 on line 41] the repository attribute of the change is used if no value is
 provided to `_ComputeRepositoryURL`. And this class is called on both
 mandatory attributes of the SVN source step : svnurl and baseURL.

 As a result, if I want to use baseURL to build my URL, and not svnurl, it
 will fail because svnurl will be replaced by the repository attribute from
 the change (due to `_ComputeRepositoryURL`) and will thus override my
 baseURL parameter. Since it's a local path and not an SVN URL, builds will
 all fail.

 The only solution I have found to this is to remove the repository
 attribute from the svn_buildbot.py script.

 I'm not sure what the best course of action is:
  1. fix the provided script,
  2. fix the source.py module,
  3. or just add a warning in the docs.

 In case 1. or 3., I think upgraders should be warned.

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