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#1777: Dependent scheduler forgets who to trigger
Reporter:  armenzg  |      Owner:
    Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
Priority:  major    |  Milestone:  undecided
 Version:  0.8.3p1  |   Keywords:
 We triggered a release on Friday and in between then and today 2
 reconfigurations happened.[[BR]]
 On Monday the "updates" builder [1] got triggered by an ftpPoller [2] and
 it was supposed to trigger the "update_verify" builders [3].

 The problem is that a reconfigure happened before that and it made the
 Dependent scheduler to forget who to trigger.

 We could switch to trigger steps but then it prevents us from doing a
 "force build" and '''not''' have any dependent jobs to be triggered.

 The release was triggered at 14:32 on Friday.[[BR]]
 The updates builder was triggered at 13:01 on Monday.[[BR]]
 2 reconfigures happened in between.

 Could this be the place where the factory is considered to be changed and
 the memory loss happen?

 2011-01-21 21:56:03-0800 [-] updating builder release-
 mozilla-1.9.2-updates: factory changed
   nextSlave changed from <function _nextFastReservedSlave at 0x1953e64c>
 to <function _nextFastReservedSlave at 0x1d747b1c>[[BR]]
 2011-01-21 21:56:03-0800 [-] consumeTheSoulOfYourPredecessor: <Builder
 ''release-mozilla-1.9.2-updates'' at 500572364> feeding upon <Builder
 ''release-mozilla-1.9.2-updates'' at 240793324>

 Reconfigs on masters listed chronologically (first two happened before
 "updates" job got triggered):[[BR]]
 twistd.log.228:2011-01-21 21:56:05-0800 [-] configuration update
 twistd.log.228:2011-01-21 21:56:37-0800 [-] configuration update
 twistd.log.65:2011-01-24 12:48:34-0800 [-] configuration update
 twistd.log.65:2011-01-24 12:48:55-0800 [-] configuration update
 twistd.log.52:2011-01-24 16:29:40-0800 [-] configuration update
 twistd.log.52:2011-01-24 16:31:24-0800 [-] configuration update

 [1] Updates scheduler -
 [2] ftpPoller -
 [3] Update_verify builder -

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