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#2164: Triggering a Nightly Build only if  Continuous build status is success
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 Version:  0.8.3p1          |  Resolution:
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Comment (by mariamarcano):

 Replying to [comment:1 dustin]:
 > That will require a custom scheduler -- you could probably subclass the
 Nightly scheduler?


 I came up with the following, which seems to work fine, it requires adding
 it to master.cfg I am not an expert on Buildbot or the code so I will
 appreciate your feedback


 class DependentNightly(Nightly):

     relatedBuilderNames = []

     def __init__(self, relatedBuilderNames = [], **kwargs):
         Nightly.__init__(self, **kwargs)
         self.relatedBuilderNames = relatedBuilderNames

     def startBuild(self):
         startBuild = True
         for builderName in  self.relatedBuilderNames:
             builder_status = self.master.status.getBuilder(builderName)
             lastBuild = builder_status.getLastFinishedBuild()
             startBuild = startBuild & (lastBuild.getResults() != FAILURE)

         if (startBuild):
             return Nightly.startBuild(self)
             log.msg(("Nightly Scheduler <%s>: skipping build " +
                          "- Check related builders that could be failing:
 <%s> ") % (self.name, ", ".join(self.relatedBuilderNames)))
             return defer.succeed(None)

 c['schedulers'] = []

                                hour=[15], minute=17,


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