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#2083: PyLint step doesn't respect flunkingIssues
Reporter:  andialbrecht  |      Owner:
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 According to pylint(1) the command exits with the following status codes:

 Pylint should leave with following status code:
  * 0 if everything went fine
  * 1 if a fatal message was issued
  * 2 if an error message was issued
  * 4 if a warning message was issued
  * 8 if a refactor message was issued
  * 16 if a convention message was issued
  * 32 on usage error

 status 1 to 16 will be bit-ORed so you can  know  which  different  cate‐
 gories has been issued by analysing pylint output status code

 The PyLint step defines the class variable "flunkingIssues" as a list of
 message categories that cause FAILURE. This class variable should be
 evaluated in PyLint.evaluateCommand(), but the method immediately returns
 FAILURE for all non-zero return codes.

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